Bassline Biography

When in 1991 the Bassline-Generation (BG) was founded as a team of German producers, djs & live- performers, the main focus of the crew was on breakbeats and the sounds of what later has been described as jungle / drum n bass. All members had a solid musical education and played in various live bands before they became successful electronic music producers.

The life instruments always had been an important part of their music and their live PAs, especially the live drumming of their famous Funky Drummer Alex.With the heavy use of sampled breakbeats and ultra deep subs, their style and technique was much different from most other German producers of that time, who had always been more into house and techno.

Drum n` bass was not very well known in Germany then, and they were one of the first crews to bring those sounds to the German club scene. BG-Tracks, like Acetate Drums, Crusher, Exodus or Kool Skool, hit the floors of the clubs and raves world wide and appeared in sets of djs like Mickey Finn, Randall, DJ SS and other top djs of the international DnB scene.In this way the BG-producers made first steps for the beginning of an independent German drum n` bass scene.

Since 1992 more than 100 national and international releases came from the BG artists under project names such as, DJ Redoo, Skeleton Rock, Bassline- Generation, MMM, Bassdriver Unit and many more! Some of labels they released on, e.g. Smokin Drum (UCMG), Formation ( UK), Mask (Efa), Downbeat (Warner), Mole (UCMG), Siren (UCMG-UK), Compost, Exodus, MCC-Rec. and Pornobass, to only name a few, wrote history and had big influence on the drum n bass scene in Germany.

Also their rmx-work for major artists was exceptional. Most popular are maybe official remixes for Mickey Finn, KRS ONE, Jam & Spoon, NAS, Rammstein, The Big Punisher, Missy Elliot, Asher D or Earl 16 from Dreadzone. An example for the BGs latest activities is the online- distribution of their releases under the lable lifetime- through music download portals like iTunes,, musicload, beatport since 2005.

Most well known is the BG maybe for their countless national and international Live-Performances!As a team: Deejay E, MCC & Funky Drummer Alex or as the Bassline-Generation PA, gigs on Mega-Raves like Meditation, Nature One, Euphoria, World Dance, Future, Kings of the Jungle or Jungle Fever had been part of their career and in the same way intimate club-events like those in the legendary Milk( Ma), XS(FFM) or in the famous Rex Club in Paris. Their own club projects, the “Fight Club” (2000 – 2007) and since 2008 the “BassStation”, located in their home town Heidelberg, are among the most successful drum n bass clubs in Germany.

Keep that beat rollin`!!!